Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dim Mak [Tron / Hulk / Akuma - Touch of Death DHC Trick MVC3]

[j.H xx H Drill (mash) - M xx f+M - j.M - j.M - j.H - H - S - j.M - j.M - j.H - j.S - d+H + Tatsu Assist - H Beacon Bomb - j.H - j.S - L Beacon Bomb - King Servbot DHC* Gamma Quake - S - j.M - j.M - j.H - j.S - L Gamma Wave xx Gamma Crush]

Touch of Death on any character in the game.
(1.3million+ damage)
Works midscreen (carries opponent to corner).
Requires 1 meter at start of combo. (Can kill off of a First Attack.)
Builds 2+ more meters, expends 3 total.

{Learning an extended combo like this is like learning to play a piece of music. Visualization, muscle memory, and audio cues all play a part.}

I am still trying to get the most out of the King Servbot-Gamma Quake DHC trick. I extended the initial Tron series to get as much damage as possible before the Delayed Hyper Combo resets the damage scaling and hitstun decay. This version can kill any character from the start of the round as it only requires one meter to start, yet builds enough to use three hypers. The Gamma Crush finisher is only necessary for the top tier of health characters; without it, the combo uses 2 meters to do 1.1 million damage. A large portion of the cast cannot survive the DHC trick, anyways. Obviously characters that can easily avoid Tron's j.H (i.e. Amaterasu) will need a different approach.

I still haven't gotten the hang of using Dormammu's Dark Hole to combo after Tron's OTG d+H, so I subbed in Akuma. Almost any lockdown assist should work here (Skrull Tenderizer, Chun Legs, Sent Drones, etc.) to setup the Beacon Bomb, but I have found the hitstun on Akuma's Tatsu to be the easiest with which to work. Some assists leave the opponent too low for H Beacon Bomb; L Beacon in it's place does not allow for the extra j.H before the final j.S, but again the damage difference is negligible. The groundbounce into the second Beacon Bomb is actually necessary, allowing time after Akuma's assist so that Hulk is available for the DHC.

I have a more practical version that is more reliable for online play, and I confirmed it works on both Zero and Shuma Gorath, notable for their small and wacky hitboxes, respectively. I consolidate the Tron segment from

[...Drill - M - f+M - j.M - j.M - j.H - H - S - j.M - j.M - j.H - j. S ...]


[...Drill - M - f+M - j.M - j.M - j.H - S - j.H - j.S ...]

but I only gained meter build, not substantive damage.

(Kinda proud of this one. Definitely puts the other combos I posted to shame.)

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