Monday, October 11, 2010

There's No Business Like

Although it is rare for me to peer out from my dreary doldrom, when people drone on and on about their work, it makes me a bit cheerier, as my line of work, at the very least, is not boring.

This first shot is comedian Aziz Ansari over at the Warner Theatre. Pretty early on in the show he had an outspoken gentleman espousing the superiority of the white race. Mr. Ansari promptly told the man to sit the fuck down. And so he did.

I very rarely take in shows, and even more rarely do I see them in other venues, but the promoter was kind enough to afford me suite seats, and I jumped at the chance. I had, of course, hoped to use the comedy show as a non-threatening date setting, but unfortunately this young lady was a little too tired for a 7:30 PM show. (...) I can take a hint. Her loss, it was hyster.

But I just imagined he was eating cinnabuns!!
Here is a shot from a high profile gig here at my house. In the lift is a rigger (known only as 'The Crab') focusing some lights over the main video screen. The spinning flag graphics became mesmerizing after the first day or two. Our favorite game was to see how quickly you could find Mozambique while it was still in motion. (And if anyone asks, yes, the outriggers were in.)

Duh, it's the only one with an AK-47 on it...
And I actually used a slice of the long weekend to do some outside work over at the Vicodin Center. A lot of Pink Floyd fans with whom I spoke thought they'd never get the chance to see The Wall live. I suppose it's a shame I have no appreciation for it, though. In all fairness, it really was an awesome show.

We don't need no education.
We don't need no thought control.
Yes, that would be the eponymous wall. It had to be completely built first so that the array of projectors could be focused, and then taken down, and then completely rebuilt during the first act, until only one block was missing, through which you could still see Mr. Waters singing.

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