Sunday, January 3, 2010

Valley of the Shadow [SSFIV Secret Character]

Could the yet-to-be-named secret character in Super Street Fighter IV be Shadow from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter?

Things are looking that way. A lot of scan buzz and such is floating around. The name Shadow has been decoded from Famitsu allegedly, and it is deduced he can throw a Sonic Boom (though it has been pointed out that Seth, one of a number of clones, can also).

I'm pretty damn sure he'll be in. Gouken was created for SFIV to the elation of SF fans. Charlie/Nash/Shadow is the next big ticket item on the fan wishlist and he fits the thought-dead master mold, so I think he's a lock.

Tracking a target precisely is a basic skill, critical to victory!


JMC said...

I really hope Charlie Nash makes it in so we have 2 master-student characters. 1 being Gouken and Ryu, then 2 being Charlie and Guile! Guile has been awaiting our friend Charlie for a long time!

Killa said...

What about Sakura and Dan? Or possibly Juri and Seth, which I suppose wouldn't be too different from the Alpha relationship of Cammy and Dictator.

Hopefully they don't have DLC Sean to keep it going with Ken...