Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Don't Think You're Ready for This Jelly [SFIV Technical]

My Juggles Too Ruffie-licious for Ya Babe

Fucking <3 Rufus now. Just about as far away from Gief as a character could be in the fighting style spectrum. Man, I just love hitting combos *AND* juggling into his Ultra, the Space Opera Symphony. Oh how much I enjoy juggling into the Space Opera Symphony, let me count the ways...

Target Combo (LK>HK) -> SOS
Far Standing HK -> SOS
Far Standing HK -> Far Standing HK -> SOS
Galactic Tornado (in corner) -> SOS
Galactic Tornado (midscreen) -> SOS (vs Boxer, Claw, Gief)
EX Messiah + High -> FADC -> SOS
Air-to-Air j.HK -> SOS
Air-to-Air j.HK -> EX Snake Strike -> SOS

Like Orville Reddenbocker

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