Saturday, January 10, 2009

Born to Fight

Yeah, I am aware KB has been pretty fighter-heavy lately. Too bad!

So here's a little text exchange circa yesterday afternoon:

From: Legoman
Sent: 4:07 PM Wed, Jan 14
To: Killa

Charlie is going down tonight. Sakura is going to fuck him up.

From: Killa
Sent: 4:08 PM Wed, Jan 14
To: Legoman

It's on, muhfukka.

And here are last night's results:

Cammy A-ism (KIL) vs. Ryu A-ism (LGO) -> LGO
Charlie V-ism (KIL) vs. Sakura X-ism (LGO) -> KIL
Charlie V-ism (KIL) vs. Sakura A-ism (LGO) -> KIL
Charlie V-ism (KIL) vs. Ryu A-ism (LGO) -> KIL

(Might have one of Lego's isms mixed up; not positive on that X-ism.) Regardless, I tried to dishearten him with a quick win with Ms. White, to no avail. After that I stopped dicking around and busted out the master. I hit him with so many Somersault Shells he must've felt like the Gaza Strip, yo.

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