Saturday, November 22, 2008

Far Out

(Always with the Engrish puns...)

So, yeah. Bandwagon or not, I'm calling it: Fallout is Game of the Year.

I haven't played LBP, or Fable 2, granted. And yes, in my heart of hearts (read: aorta) I really liked Guns of the Patriots more. But sometimes you just know. I don't know my playtime off the top of my head, but I've barely begun to scratch the surface.

I didn't play Oblivion, though I did watch Big Sis Prinny play it a bit, so comparisons are not completely lost on me. Yes, it is very similar to that game, but, to me, it feels exactly like something else. It feels exactly like the original Fallout. All the little gameplay nuances, character interaction, inventory management, quest structure, the perks... I think they could remake the first game with this modern tech and do it proud.

Every time I sit down to play I just want to keep playing longer. Go check out that next location, go finish that next quest. I just keep wanting to go do stuff. My current karma ranking is the positive Urban Avenger, not due to some intrinsic want to do good in the Capital Wasteland, but just from the way I see quests through to their logical conclusions. Sure, I'll blow up Megaton, but only after I complete every single last motherfucking mission and steal everything that isn't bolted down in that shithole crater.

I get the feeling I'll be playing this one for a long time... Might still be playing it when it sweeps the various GotY contests.

Kil-Tastic Perk!  Everyone you kill is killed twice.

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